International Students walking through Washington, Pennsylvania.



Where is Washington & Jefferson College?

W&J is nestled amongst the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania in the city of Washington, a community of more than 15,000 people. Our campus is situated just 50 km/30 miles southwest of Pittsburgh. Few cities of any size match Pittsburgh's offerings in the performing and visual arts, world-class museums, and variety of restaurants. Students can easily travel to Pittsburgh on the Pipeline – a shuttle running directly from campus into downtown Pittsburgh. For more information, check out the 华盛顿市的网站 或者 访问匹兹堡网站.

我想参观校园 - 我如何到达那里?

The college is located 50km from the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). Pittsburgh is within a 90-minute flight of 70 percent of North America’s population. Information on transportation to the W&J campus, lodging, and more is available on the 参观校园 页。




Although an interview is not required, W&J encourages all students to have a conversation with an admission counselor. W&J is able to offer a limited number of Skype meetings to international students. These meetings give you the opportunity to tell us about yourself, your interests, accomplishments, and your interest in W&J. It is also an excellent opportunity for you to ask questions and get to know W&J on a more personal level. A meeting with an admission counselor is not required to apply to W&J and you will not be at a disadvantage if you choose not to schedule this meeting.


Do you offer athletic scholarships? Need-based aid? Merit Aid? W&J provides partial tuition merit scholarships to academically talented international students. W&J does not offer need-based aid to non-US citizens/permanent residents. As an NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) Division III institution, W&J does not award athletic scholarships. Please note that non-US citizens applying for admission must provide proof of funds available f或者ir education – this documentation is necessary to acquire a U.S. visa and therefore is a part of the admissions process. Please complete this 金融询问服务认证 (PDF)或提交的其他证明文件。 I-20表才能发出学生靠贷款来支付所有费用的任何部分必须提供贷款预审批的文档。建议贷款过程完成由7月1日,2014年的证明文件可包括(但不限于):

  • 通过展示可用资金银行正式签署了银行对账单
  • 从用人单位核实收入的一封信
  • 从赞助商计划或贷款机构的资金支持信

Does W&J offer conditional admission?

Yes! W&J offers conditional admission to outstanding international applicants who meet all admissions criteria for W&J but do not meet the language requirement. Students conditionally admitted into W&J take part in coursework at the English Language Institute at W&J. They take English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses, and join our W&J community by living on campus, joining clubs and organization, and interacting with W&J professors and their future W&J classmates. Students with conditional admission do not need to resubmit a TOEFL score but instead need a letter of support from 达纳·普尔博士,英语语言学院的主任。

对于应用这么多的选择 - 我怎么早决定,早行动,并定期决策之间进行选择?

Students who are certain that W&J is the school they will attend if admitted should consider applying Early Decision. Students will receive notification a little over a month after the deadline, provided that they have submitted a complete application and all supporting credentials. Early Decision is a binding agreement, and so if a student applying Early Decision is accepted to W&J, he will withdraw all other applications and enroll at W&J. Early Action is a non-binding agreement and is recommended for students who are very interested in W&J and would like to receive an admission decision earlier in the year than they would if applying Regular Decision.


早决定(绑定)申请截止日期: 1月4日 
提前录取通知: 1月15日
早期行动(不具约束力)申请截止日期: 1月15日
早期行动的通知: 2月20日
定期决定(不具约束力)申请截止日期: 3月1日
定期判定通知: 4月1日




Students whose first language is not English must submit some form of testing to provide evidence of their English proficiency. TOEFL and IELTS are the preferred tests, though you may contact us about submitting another form of testing such as ELPT. These tests may be waived if you submit SAT scores with a critical reading score above 600. W&J does not have a minimum TOEFL score, but we typically look for a score of 580 or higher on the paper based test, 233 or higher on the computer based exam, or 85 on the iBT. F或者 IELTS we generally look for scores of 6.5 or higher out of 9. The ETS code for W&J is 2967.

W&J also offers conditional admission via the English Language Institute (ELI) at W&J, a bridge program for students who are preparing to study at Washington & Jefferson College or other universities in the United States at the undergraduate or graduate level.


您可以申请使用 W&J Leadership Application 或者 常见的应用。请注意,所有官方文件/凭证都必须翻译,最好是由一个官方机构,如果原件不是英文。


At W&J we understand that there are some cultures where it is common for someone to prepare all your application materials. However, that is not necessary – we just want to know about you, and the best way for us to get to know you is through an application you have prepared yourself. You know yourself best!




W&J would prefer to receive original documents but understands that this is not always possible. If you cannot send originals, please have your school counselor or headmaster verify their authenticity with their signature and school stamp/seal (if applicable)。您可能还 take them to a Fulbright or EducationUSA office for verification. 找到一个美国教育你靠近咨询中心.


Washington & Jefferson College no longer requires applicants to submit standardized test scores (SAT or ACT) as a part of the admission process. Testing is only one of many measures of potential academic success and often not the strongest. View our full 记分可选政策。谁选择适用得分可选的学生将给予充分考虑,没有缺点入场。



Does W&J admit international transfer students?

Yes, W&J welcomes applications from international transfer students. If you have completed at least a semester of courses at university level, you should apply as a transfer student. The Registrar will decide which courses will receive credit for transfer. Please note that if you have already completed a university degree, you cannot apply for admission to W&J.


学生谁在较高水平考试顺利完成国际文凭课程(IB)的文凭,5,6或7可用于信用被纳入考虑。 详细了解我们的IB政策。高级(A级)℃以上的课程将被纳入考虑信贷对个人的评价。一个四对一提前放置(AP)考试的最低分数是必需的任何考虑信用卡或放置的给予。


W&J does not have a core curriculum, but does have certain General Education Requirements. For more information view the W&J College Catalog.



How may I contact current students at W&J?

The best way to get in touch with W&J students is through 我们的Facebook页面。您可能还 电子邮件罗伯特·阿德金斯,院长入院,姓名和国际学生谁愿意回答你的问题的电子邮件地址。



  • 提前录取通知: 1月15日
  • 早期行动的通知: 2月20日
  • 定期判定通知: 4月1日